Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

For you, Sunshine♥

Do you know that you have a lot to change my life?
You have succeeded in making me fall in love with you
You become the first man who can make me survive so far
Sorry if I think too much, but I want you to be a man who would marry me
I know, still too soon to think so far but that's what I want now

I know, sometimes I used to hate your character who often don't pay attention to me
But I'm sure that you have your own way to love and pay attention to me

I know, we're separated by very long distances
But because of the distance, I'm sure that you love me sincerely

Ok ok, I've exaggerated
But that's what I feel
Please keep this feeling
I want you to be the last
Because I love you

thank you for coming in my life

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